Press Information about vintage eclectic shabby chic furniture & Home decoration

In this section we offer free material for press releases about our vintage website. If you are a journalist searching for news about shabby chic or industrial, nostalgia furniture & home decoration - this is the place to be. Please feel free to contact us if you also wish to include some of our product photos. It doesn't matter if you are working for a online home accessories magazine, a design blog or a printed home decor magazine. We just expect you to mention or link (if online) our web store address. :-)

What we offer at

As combines many styles , we would like to explain our portfolio in three segments.

Industrial Home decoration & furniture:

Our industrial collection offers a range of products with heart warming appeal. For all of our enthusiasts of industrial or loft living decoration - we bring you an eclectic style of vintage rustic retro decoration with unique & quirky details. Our Industrial collections contains: Cage wire lamp shades with warm lighting Edison filament bulbs, Mason jar pendant lights, distressed marquee carnival lights as letters, arrows or other symbols and many more.

Shabby Chic collection

In our shabby chic collection you find distressed decoration like pastel colour painted wall clocks with a nostalgic sense of french charm or floral printed furniture in a used-look through its distressed and faded colour.

Upcycling/Retro collection

In our up cycling section we show you recycled articles which would otherwise have ended up in the garbage. We give these items a new life but still keep their history and design them in a way, that they are practical and very appealing. One of the best examples for this collection are our recycled vinyl wall clocks or the reclaimed picture frames made from used Indian wood.